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Wine Tasting at Wineries

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So are you drinking wine

All types of wine need to be served at an appropriate temperature. This varies depending on the type of wine. The temperature will modify the perception of flavour. And the temperature of the wine will also affect the person drinking it. You will then get a different opinion about the wine.

The same will happen to the relation between sweet, sour and bitter sensations.

Serving wine at correct temperature

Temp oC

Type of Wine

6 - 8

Sparkling dry and sweet

8 -10

Young fruity and dry whites

10 - 12

Dry, medium dry, aromatic whites, rosé

12 - 14

Whites aged

14 -16

Reds fruity

16 - 18

Reds elegant

18 - 20

Reds long aged


Wine and Food

The main task for the sommelier is to select the wine that best suits the food. If you select the matching wine correct, it will allow the food to be better appreciated. This is the art of good taste.

The effect of the shape of the glass

A wine glass is built with a foot, stem and bowl. The glass should be held by the stem only, whether it is for red or white wines. In case you held the glass by the bowl, the body heat will transfer from the palm into the wine and warming it.

Choose a glass with a large enough bowl. It should have a sufficient size to allow for a generous pour and still leave plenty of room for swirling, which releases the aromas from the wine.

The shape of the bowl is also important. It should taper off near the top and have a wider base. This concentrates the aromas and directs them upwards after giving the glass a swirl.

Plenty of glasses

The glass is your tool to taste wine. And the shape of the wine glass is different for every type of wine. For the glass can strongly affect the perception of aromas and flavors.

If you are using the wrong glass, the experience of drinking and enjoying wine can be unrefined and sometimes even unrecognizable. Even unbalanced and unable to convey all the emotions that you expect from it simply because the wine was poured into the wrong glass.

There are several producers of glasses for wine. Every glass is made for a special grape or area.

Here are three kinds of wine glasses:

  1. White wine
  2. Red wine
  3. Sparkling wine (Champagne)

Glasses for red wine are often larger than for white wine. And the glasses for sparkling wines different from others.

After selecting the most suitable glass

  1. The glass must never be filled to the top
  2. Fill 2/3 or half of the glass for young wines
  3. Fill 1/4 or 1/3 of the glass for reds medium aged
  4. Fill 1/6 or 1/7 of the glass for important reds
  5. Fill 4/5 of the glass for sparkling wine

Cleaning Glass

Wash the glass by hand with warm water without detergent
In some cases use soap
Dry the glass with a cloth

Place the glass in a clean cabinet
Dry the glass with a cloth
Place the glass in a clean cabinet
Wipe the glass with a cloth before use

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