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Wine Tasting at Wineries

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News from WineTravel

2022-01-17 16:55
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Pantelleria, a large sleeping volcano immersed in a cobalt blue sea between two continents, Europe...

2019-07-30 10:42
Self-Drive Wine Tours
WineTravel book Self-Drive Wine Tours with rental car or your own. Please get in touch with us for ...

2019-03-17 11:39
Wise Words
Four things to do when tasting a wine 1. First look at it and say: What a lovely...

2019-03-08 16:28
Wine Tasting in Prosecco and...
Enjoy great Prosecco and world famous white wines in Friuli. Book now to join the tour to Prosecco ...


Welcome to WineTravel

Tasting Wine at the winery in Italy. We tailor-make your Wine Tour.

The best way to learn more about wine is to visit many wineries. And to taste a lot of wines. There are plenty of producers making wines of high quality. Some wineries are opened to the public during certain hours. In most cases you still need to make a reservation in advance to visit the winery.


Wine Travel book appointments at wineries and suggest accommodations. You choose a self-drive tour with rental car, your own or a tour with guide. Or bus with driver for groups.

WineTravel arrange transfer from the airport to your accommodation and back to the airport. 
We are offering you a tailor-made experience to fit your individual wishes.

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Enjoy Wine in Toscana

WineTravel is making appointments for you at Wineries over all Toscana. At producers making wine of high quality. We will suggest where you can stay during your visit.
In case you like to see several wineries, we will tailor-make your trip! 
Kindly ask us for wineries to visit and roads to travel.

Life is too short to drink bad wine. Wine is the secret of life!

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Tasting Wine in Valpolicella

You will reach the wine area Valpolicella in the northern part of Italy easily by air from Scandinavia to:  Milano, Bergamo and Verona.

Amarone is the top wine in Valpolicella. We know of more than 60 producers of Amarone wine where you will have a top experience. We give you tips, make reservations at wineries and offer nice accommodations, if you like.

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Wine Tours in Liguria


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Tasting Wine in the shadow of the Etna

On the slopes of the Mount Etna, among old wine stocks and floods of black lava stones, you will see vineyards which today produce excellent wines. You should specially visit north side of the Mount Etna. The river Alcantàra divides the valley with the same name which is covered by vineyardsYou have great views of the volcano and the beauty of the landscape. We know today more than 90 producers of wine around Etna.



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