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Wine Tasting at Wineries

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Wedding at Winery in Italy

To get married at an Italian Winery in romantic settings creates warm feelings and give you an elegant and memorable marriage.

Say Yes In Italy


Yes In Italy is our partner for Weddings in Italy.
The company is owned by Roberta Fangazio and Manuela Micheletti who handle everything concerning matrimonies between foreigners in all Italy.

You can chose where you want to get married in Italy. We often suggest regions like Piemonte, Toscana and Sicily.

Wine Wedding


Please click on the photo with the wedding bouquet above to reach the website of YesinItaly. All contacts with Yes in Italy is done by email or phone and in English.


In case you like to get in touch with Wine-Travel-Italy concerning Wedding in Italy, then click on the words Wine Wedding here. Please leave your email address and phone in the form and write Wedding in the field Message.

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