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Wine Tasting at Wineries

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Tailor-Made Wine Tours
Maybe you like to visit several wineries. So, we tailor-make your trip! Kindly ask us for wineries...

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2016-03-30 10:00
Tasting Wine in Italy
Wine Travel will help you to make appointments at wineries in Italy, USA, Argentina and Chile.


Welcome to WineTravel

Tasting Wine at the Winery. We will Tailor-Make your Wine Tour.

The best way to learn more about wine is to visit many wineries. And to taste a lot of wines. There are plenty of producers making wines of high quality. Some wineries are opened to the public during certain hours. In most cases you still need to make a reservation in advance to visit the winery.


Wine Travel book the appointment at the Winery, reserve the accommodation, arrange the transfer from the airport to where you stay, if you want.

We are offering you a tailor-made experience to fit your individual wishes.

Enjoy Wine in Italy

Wine-Travel-Italy.com is making appointments for you at wineries over all Italy. At producers making wine of high quality. We suggest where you can stay during your visit to the wineries in Italy.
Maybe you like to visit several wineries. So, we tailor-make your trip! Kindly ask us for wineries to visit and roads to travel.

Life is too short to drink bad wine. Wine is the secret of life!

Tasting wines in Valpolicella, Prosecco and Franciacorta

There are three wine areas in the northern part of Italy which you reach easily by air from Scandinavia:  Milano, Verona, Venezia and Treviso.

Amarone is the top wine in Valpolicella. We know of more than 60 producers of Amarone wine where you will have a top experience. We give you tips, make reservations at wineries and offer nice accommodations, if you like. 

We give you a chance to visit great producers of Prosecco located in beautiful surroundings - a very pleasant experience to tasting this sparkling wine.

You can reach Franciacorta in one hour with car, bus or train from Milano. And you will enjoy tasting great sparkling wines and to getting charming views and good food in this pleasant area.

Tasting Wine i Cinque Terre


Enjoy Wine in the shadow of the volcano Etna

On the slopes of the Mount Etna, among old wine stocks and floods of black lava stones, you will see vineyards which today produce excellent wines. You should specially visit north side of the Mount Etna. The river Alcantàra divides the valley with the same name which is covered by vineyardsYou have great views of the volcano and the beauty of the landscape. We know today more than 90 producers of wine around Etna.



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