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Wine Tasting at Wineries

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About Winetravel and Contact

Contact us

Kindly send email to Ingvar Palmman. He will then get in touch with you by phone or email.

Please use following addresses:


You can also reach Ingvar by phone: +46 708 37 07 13

The Business idea

WineTravel will make appointments at wineries in Italy, USA, Argentina and Chile. WineTravel will give all people in Scandinavia who are really interested in wine the possibility to visit wineries in these countries. All appointments is always pre booked often to a small fee.

WineTravel will cooperate with wineries which are producing wines of high quality. The winery will give the visitor professional guiding in English by a person who has genuine passion for wine.

To invite visitors to personally see the production and aging process is the best way to promote the wine.


Wine Tourism

The vision

We talk about vineyards, winery, the area where a wine is born and the people who help to create it. We can see how the territory of origin, if well used, increase the appeal and customer loyalty towards a wine region or a single producer. Wine tourism is the instrument for this process and it is powerful.

2012 there were more than one billion travelers and the increase is at a pace of four percent each year. Around 46 million arrived 2013 to Italy. The tourism is now once again growing almost two percent. The wine tourism increase is around three percent per year, however not in a uniform manner. It looks like that the 5-6 million travelers who every year visit our wine regions, generate a turnover of around three billion euro. For every euro paid at a winery, the wine tourist will spend another four in the same area.

Wine and Food is an important part of the tourist’s total consumption.

As a matter of fact tourists will promote Italian wines and food when they come back to their country. They return with memories and stories and will speak about the wines and food they found in Italy.

Famous region

The tourists open new export opportunities for wine and also for cheese, cloche, and ceramics articles. Everything that the tourist learns in the area where he spends his holidays.

Wine tourists are prevalently males, between 30-50 years of age, and they travel with one or more friends.

The use social media six times more frequently than others. Among them there are different targets: chance tourists who have no precise interest in wine, real wine tourists, which are many and the lovers of luxury.

Wine alone has never created tourism. To attract tourists a wine region must associate to a distinctive and high level of winemaking a beautiful and intact territory, with important cultural elements and excellent typical food, and lastly but not less important the ability to make a wine experience fun.

At this moment Tuscany holds a strong position. In the list of wine tourism destinations in the world it is always among the top ten sometimes even at the top of the list such as in Travelers Choice Award 2012 or in the Wayn Award 2013.

Source: Mrs. Donatella Cinelli Colombini







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