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Wine Tasting at Wineries

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Wine Tasting in Prosecco and Friuli 2019

Enjoy great Prosecco and world famous White Wines of Friuli

Starting October 17 from Venice

One hour away from Venice Marco Polo airport in the Veneto region between the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene you will find the best Prosecco in Italy.

In this landscape full of beautiful rolling hills, you will find many producers making white sparkling wine with a superior taste. On the bottle you can read: Prosecco Superior DOCG.

The hills of Colli Orientali dell Friuli offer a beautiful and relaxing landscape dotted with wineries producing some of the best white wines in the world!

You will also get a chance to try other important white wines and a few special reds during the Tour in Friuli, and enjoy good food.
A nice way to learn which wine you like most is to visit wineries and find your favour wine.

Wine Tasting Tour
Day 1

Arrival to Venice airport from Scandinavia in the afternoon. Pick up and transfer to the first winery in the Prosecco area famous for Sparkling Wines, part of the Veneto region.

At Ca’ Salina in Valdobbiadene we will be welcomed by Mr. Gregorio Bortolin, the proud owner of the winery. He will take us around so we can enjoy the great view from the outside and will tell us the history and the technique behind the sparkling wine production. After that we will enjoy tasting several of his wines.

After this pleasant visit we will depart toward Vittorio Veneto hills and to the town of Refrontolo to meet 
Mr. Sante, one of the three brothers running Toffoli Family winery. We will appreciate the difference of the wine produced at this winery compare to Ca’ Salina.
We will also taste the Passito di Refrontolo, a very special sweet wine.

In the evening we will check in at the Due Leoni Hotel in the village Sacile. The welcome dinner will be in a restaurant where we will taste a typical Venetian Meal.

Please notice:
To make Prosecco you must use the grape Glera. The producer can blend the Prosecco with grapes like Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, but only up to 15%.

Sparkling wine is called Spumante in Italian. In case you see the word Frizzante on the bottle the wine is semi-sparkling. And Tranquilo means it has no bubbles.

Wine Tasting Tour

Day 2

After breakfast we will depart to the Colli Orientali dell Friuli, a vineyard paradise, in the heart of the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia well known for excellent White Wines. You will also taste some special Red Wines during the tour.

First stop will be at Perusini for a visit to the winery and enjoy wine tasting. 

Later we will have a nice ride through the hills heading to Mario Schiopetto winery. You will have time to love real top white wines in Italy like: Best White Wine in Italy, MARIO SCHIOPETTO Friulano Collio produced during 2017. This is what Mr. James Suckling thinks, a leading and independent wine critic.

Lunch at La Subida, with great traditional food and in innovation of the Friulan meals.

A visit of the unique vinegar cellar nested in the wood in a unique construction after lunch.

We will stop to meet the winemaker Mr. Edi Keber, to taste his wine and learn about his ideas to blend wines.

Turning back to the flat land of the Tagliamento plane. In the medieval town Valvasone we will visit the winery Borgo delle Oche. We will seat down in a nice place with the owner Mrs. Luisa Menini to taste and talk about her wines. She is Member of Le Donne del Vino di Friuli Venezia Giulia and producer of modern Refosco red wine.

Back to the hotel for a nice rest.

Dinner at a typical local restaurant.

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